Trivium Financial Training

Our team ranges from industry experts to PhDs. We’re very happy to present an all-encompassing suite of corporate, project and energy finance training courses. Our offerings range from Advanced Corporate Finance Modeling to Region-Specific Project Finance. See our course descriptions for further information.

All courses emphasize a blend of theory and application through case studies, dynamic exercises, and thoughtful teaching.

Courses by topic

Financial Modelling

Excellence in financial modelling is the core from which all other areas of the Trivium team’s expertise is based on. We’ve developed innovative solutions in almost every industry in finance, and we have over 30 years of experience in training teams. We offer numerous courses, and can easily offer customized courses for anything not listed.

Corporate Finance

Firms, schools and academies offer introductory corporate finance training on every corner of the internet. We applaud them, and pick up where they leave off. By blending traditional theory with Trivium’s financial modelling expertise, and we’ve created a number of offerings geared towards practitioners rather than undergraduates. From complex valuation issues to advanced credit analysis, we’re happy to offer a spectrum of corporate finance courses with immediate on-the-job applicability.

Project Finance

Trivium’s team hasn’t just trained students in project finance – we’ve advised on projects in almost every corner of the globe, and we’ve developed innovative financing solutions to common problems. Trivium has experience structuring projects with every constraint imaginable. We’ve developed numerous case studies, and can perform courses to fit any region of the world.

Renewable Energy Finance

Renewable energy finance isn’t just an extension of our project finance practice, its one of the areas we’re most excited about. We’ve consulted and trained developers, entrepreneurs, banks, governments, and policy-makers on projects spanning numerous continents.

Our team is deeply familiar with even the most complex financing structures (such as US tax equity partnerships), and we are currently working with development finance institutions to create innovative financing solutions increasing energy access in the 3rd world.

Utility/Power Sector

Trivium knows the power sector. We know the operations, we know the finance, and we know the economics. We’ve consulted for and trained national utility companies in numerous countries, and have a ton to offer. Be sure to check out our syllabuses for a sample of how we can be of service.

Coming Soon!

At Trivium, we’re constantly working on new projects and areas to expand our services into. Here are a few that we are currently planning out:

  • Project Development (Renewable & Otherwise): We’ve been teaching courses on the financing side of projects from the get-go. Next up, we’re working on developing a project development program to give clients an in-depth view of every aspect of the development process.
  • Impact Investing: We’re really excited about this. Valuing impact investments is similar to valuing startups, but there are an extra set of metrics that get weighed into the mix – this is also known as the “double bottom line.”

Was there something specific you had in mind? We’re happy to custom-tailor a course for your needs on any topic. With over 30 years of experience in financial training, we can definitely accommodate your needs.