Democratizing Financial Knowledge

Our Inspiration

In ancient Greece, before scholars were allowed to study science or high level math, they were rigorously trained in the Trivium: understanding the “grammar” enabled one to build coherent thought; “logic” enforced a validity to ideas, and the “rhetoric” enabled an ability to communicate a defensible thesis to another coherently.

All too often, modern finance skips the fundamentals. Mathematical methods are applied as substitutes to understanding, rather than building on a coherent understanding to begin with. Asset managers without capacity to understand such assets rely on ratings agencies to do the work for them.

With global aspirations and an eye towards developing markets, in need of tools and skills required for rapid growth, Trivium seeks to break down the perceived complexity of global finance. For financial clients, Trivium provides capacity to accurately assess risks and price accordingly. For sponsors and developers, Trivium serves to build a defensible thesis to deliver financial close.

In all services, Trivium reflects a clarity of mind, thought and action.